Title:                      Level 1 Quality Assurance Technician                                     Department:      Quality Assurance

Reports To:         Quality Assurance Manager                                                        Rate:                     $15.00 hour

Hours:                  Full Time – M-F –  10:30  am – 7:00 pm                                    


Join the Lorentz Meats Team! We are a full-service, niche meat packing company in Cannon Falls, MN, specializing in natural, organic, grass-fed meat. We provide farmers with individual animal processing, direct marketing and further processing. We also process for niche-meat branded programs, including processing and retail-ready packaging ready for shipment or export. We are a family business helping family farms and feeding families the highest quality beef and bison. We may be the processor behind your favorite specialty brands at the grocery store.


We are seeking a Level 1 Quality Assurance Technician.  The technician should be able to read and write in English.  Read and follow basic instruction with an eye for detail and desire for accuracy.  Candidate must be reliable, timely, and honest with a drive to always “do the right thing”.  Past Quality Assurance experience is a plus but not required.  Hours are Monday through Friday, 10:30 am – 7:00 pm and occasional Saturdays will be required.  Hours during training-in periods may be slightly varied but will be agreed-upon in advance between the QA Manager and Candidate.


Level 1 Technician duties include:


·         HACCP Certification (must be done prior to be able to fill in logs)

·         N60 Plus sampling

·         Fat Testing

·         Temperature checks

·         Sanitation Checks/Mid-shift inspection

·         Observational Record-keeping

·         GMP Monitoring

·         Other sample preparations and SARFs


·         Pre-op inspection and documentation

·         Thermometer Calibrations

·         Environmental testing

·         Carcass Swabs

·         Maintenance Requests

·         Production Quality Reports

·         Restocking as necessary

·         Other duties as required


Benefits and Compensation:

Informal performance reviews take place at 120 and 480 hours for temporary employees and 6 months after full time hire. Medical, dental, retirement and supplemental benefits are available after approximately 60 days. Paid Time Off awarded after six months.