Slaughter Floor

Hours:  6:45 am-3:30 pm (could be later) M-F

Primary Job Description:

*Opportunity to assist with transitioning beef/bison animals into meat.

  • Work with a group of five experienced slaughter floor personnel assisting with the various duties required to humanely convert up to 45 head of beef cattle or bison per day into meat.  Lorentz Meats is a strong local company, expanding at the Cannon Falls location.  Benefits (medical, dental, IRA, supplemental) available after 90 days (including temp time).

Candidate Requirements:

*Must be:

  • in excellent physical condition & able to work in acrid and sometimes very hot (mainly July & August) conditions.
  • able to handle the sight of blood.
  • aware of working condition changes (wet floor, debris, moving carcasses, etc.)
  • able to maintain clean equipment and best practices to optimize food safety in a challenging environment
  • reliable
  • open to learning new skills

Candidate Preferences:

  • Knife skills
  • Slaughter floor experience in an USDA inspected facility
  • Keen attention to detail


  • Beginning pay will be based on amount and type of previous experience and may include a trial pay period in order to demonstrate skill level.
  • Reviews (informal) will take place at 120, 480 hours and/or 6 months after full-time hire

Pay is based on performance.  Experienced meat cutters range: $14.33 to $16.70