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Coalition: End CAFO emission exemption

Lorentz Take: Without making a judgment on whether factory farms should be allowed to operate, we should all agree they are factories. These sophisticated businesses are NOT run by some poor old farmer. They use the latest technology and scientific advances to make cheap food. This is great if it can be done without having to compromise quality of life factors—the quality of a farmer’s life, the quality of the animals’ lives and the quality of the surrounding environment, to name a few. At the very least, though, these CAFO operations should comply with EPA rules, like any other factory.
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Check out Lorentz Meats at the Twins game!

The Lorentz Take: Lorentz Meats is supplying the bacon again this year for Andrew Zimmern’s bacon sandwich at his concession stand at Target Field; we are also sending up a brisket for his smoked meat sandwich. Wallow away any Twins disappointments in good (m)eats! New Food At Target Field The Twins return to Target Field for their home opener on Monday, April 13. Fans will want to bring their appetites to the game. Read More >> Brat dogs and tot dish: This season’s new offerings at Target Field Warning: Do not read this if you’re hungry. The Minnesota Twins and
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Graze craze

The Lorentz Take: Now that grass-fed has the attention of the Big Meat industry, we will all be challenged to keep the true virtue of Grass Finished beef available to consumers. Because Big Meat’s model is based on making the cheapest foods, they are going to look for the cheapest way, not the best way–for the animals or the environment. Original Story In December, California-based quick-service chain Carl’s Jr. rolled out the All-Natural Burger, although it could be called the Take-Notice Burger. People have taken notice of the menu addition to the chain’s more than 1,000 outlets because Carl’s Jr.
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