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Mindful Meats: Beef with A Mission, Raises Capital to Expand

Claire Herminjard, a dynamic 30-year-old with a big open smile, is perhaps not who you’d expect to find running a beef company — that is, if you believe in stereotypes, Texas ranchers, and feedlots. But then again, the boutique meat company she co-founded,Mindful Meats, is not your run-of-the-mill meat company. Instead, it’s a socially-mind business founded on two principle goals: “First, we want to get animals out of confinement and second, ensure a high quality protein source for us humans, that’s free of antibiotics,” says Herminjard.

Lorentz Take: Mike Lorentz recently visited with Claire, exploring the world of possibilities in organic mature dairy cows.  This article from 2014 is a nice summary of Claire’s mission to bring organic, pasture-raised meat to the forefront.  Check out the Mindful Meats website (http://mindfulmeats.com/)  to find out what’s happening now!

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