‘Kale vs. Cow’ documentary makes a case for meat

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KANSAS CITY – At a time when plant-based foods are popping up on menus around the country and the meat industry is being constantly scrutinized, Diana Rodgers, RD, is on a mission to make a case for meat. The “real food” nutritionist, podcast and blog author of Sustainable Dish and sustainability advocate is developing a documentary film called “Kale vs. Cow: The Case for Better Meat” that aims to examine the ethical, environmental and nutritional conundrums of eating meat.

Lorentz Take: Mike Lorentz has been saying for years that we need to be eating less, but better, meat. We have committed to support producers who are making better meat. Diana’s project looks to provide a balanced counter-point to the current buzz around plant-based ‘meat’. Her statement “More Better Meat” resonates with us.

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