Further Processing

With our 2013 building expansion, we updated almost all of our sausage making equipment.  We are now able to accommodate most sausage making, meat curing and cooking/smoking desires. The products we currently run range from emulsion (i.e., hot dogs) to extra coarse sausages, bacon, and smoked turkey breasts. We work with natural casings and natural cures.


Because of our equipment, there are pound minimums for our production. Sample runs should be about 200 pounds to get a true result. Regular run minimums depend on the product and our staff will be happy to reach that determination with you.

New customers will likely fall into one of the three following categories. Please fill out the form below or contact the appropriate staff member directly for help:

Already have a product or product line being produced elsewhere?

If you have outgrown your current processor in capacity or certification, please contact our Product Manager. If you know the recipe and production method of your current process, this can be an easy transition. If you request us to match a current product and you have limited information, this presents added challenges. Either way, we will work with you through the process. Because of our commitment to transparency, we will make sure you own your own product.

Have a new product idea that fits into our current production line?

For a brand new product, we can help make it happen. Please consider the following questions before contacting us—they will be the first questions we ask:

  • Which protein will you use and where will it come from?
  • Do you have a recipe and do you own the recipe?
  • What ingredients are required and where will they be sourced?
  • What kind of packaging is desired?
  • Do you have a label designed and has it been USDA approved?

We may have to adjust some of your ideas to fit our equipment and we may have cost-saving alternatives to suggest. But having some direction from you on these questions helps us be more useful to you.

Ready to have a conversation? Fill out the form below or contact our Product Manager.

Have a product that we don’t currently make?

Our business is driven by the ideas of our partners and the marketplace. We always enjoy the challenge of seeing what else we can do. If you would like to work with us, please fill out the form below or contact our Product Manager.


The portal to contact will depend on the size and recipient of your processing. This link will help direct you to the staff member who can best serve you.


This link will help prepare you for preliminary conversations with our staff as you look to create or grow your product line.


Here you will find our perspective on the niche meat market, useful tips on entering the market and links to help you grow within the market.